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AS'i Neiseri Grupp kasvuks on viimaste aastatega loodud suurepärased tingimused tootmisbaasi ja väljakoolitatud personali näol. On saavutatud tunnustus ka müügikettidelt, kellele meeldib Neiseri suhtumine toote kvaliteeti ja töötajatesse. Peamiseks väljakutseks ettevõttele on uute tooterühmade välja arendamine ja tootearendusprotsessides uute innovatiivsete tehniliste lahenduste juurutamine, et pääseda suurema lisandväärtusega toodetega suurtesse Euroopa jaemüügikettidesse. Projekti eesmärk on tuua turule uued kõrgema lisandusväärtusega tooted, millega kaasneb: • Ettevõtte usaldusväärsuse tõus klientide ja töötajate ja ka tulevaste töötajate silmis • Ettevõtte lisandväärtuse kasv • Ettevõtte investeerimisvõimekuse kasv • Ettevõtte tulu kasv Projekt EU52441 eelarve on 390 600, millest EAS toetus 136 710 eur.


Sofa factory since 1992


Quality has been the basic principe of Neiser since establishing the company. We manufacture our products with lots of care and sense of detail, expert knowledge and very skilled craftsmanship. Our sofas are combination of tradition and technology. Advanced production technology and the best materials ensure high quality of our sofas. All Neiser products are created without compromising design, function, comfort or durabilty.


Neiser was founded by Jori Pekka Ala-Jyrä in 1992. Jori is a true perfectionist. He values good design and quality in everything - from his surroundings to the furniture he’s been creating for the past 25 years. The upholstered furniture that’s produced by Neiser has a clear identity and an impeccable reputation amongst consumers and partners alike. This has helped Neiser grow into one of the market leaders in its field.

Seljaku 6, Saue vald, Laagri alevik, 76401, Harjumaa, ESTONIA


Neiser is a manufacturer of soft furniture since 1992. Smart design and modern technologies together with the best management practices has brought recognition from both clients and partners. Our main markets are Central Europe, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and our products can be found also far beyond that. Company is still managed by Neiser founder Jori Ala-Jyrä.


Neiser operates in a 10 000 m2 factory producing sofas for home use . Thanks to our highly skilled employees, modern technology and digitalization of production processes we are able to ensure high quality and short lead-time. All Neiser sofas are created and produced in our factory from start to finish. Neiser production is compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.

Product development

We have a large selection of models, which are created and developed by our team. Development team operates with modern digitalized programs to ensure that new products will go to production most efficiantly. We value great design and eco-friendly solutions. Our strenght lies in co-operation with our clients to provide the best solutions to match their needs.

Sofas with a soul

Although Neiser uses the best modern technology, we still have a big part of our production relying on creative ideas, hand-made processes and attention to details to give a soul to each sofa. Our team takes pride in ensuring customer satisfaction and meeting their highest expectations. This constant dedication has brought recognition to us as a reliable supplier on numerous occasions.

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Seljaku 6, Saue vald, Laagri alevik, 76401, Harjumaa, ESTONIA


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Seljaku 6, Saue vald, Laagri alevik
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